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Welcome to the Tanoak Project, known formally as "Carbon dynamics resulting from managing South Coastal Oregon forests."  This effort is funded by a grant from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), State of Oregon Office to the South Coast District Office, and in turn to the Pacific Northwest Research Station of the USDA Forest Service.  The main goal is to examine a wide range of potential management scenarios developed collaboratively by researchers and managers, and then to assess potential consequences including on carbon balance.  Results are expected to be considered in future BLM decisions.

This collaborative effort is also an official project of the Pacific Northwest Knowledge Exchange Consortium, who are contributing considerable value-added aspects to the project, including web page assistance and extra efforts by Janean Creighton and Bernard Bormann.  Their goal is to better develop "Consortium project" techniques for linking researchers and practitioners to solve practitioners site-specific problems by more intensively applying science to the ground.  These projects are seen as a more effective knowledge exchange than traditional technology transfer has been.

The project team members can be contacted by email:

Paul Anderson, Silviculturist, PNW Station;
Bernard Bormann, Forest Ecologist, PNW Station ([email protected]);
Janean Creighton, Extension Specialist, Oregon State University;
Susan Hummel, Ecologist, PNW Station;
Tim Harrington, Silviculturist, PNWStation,
Chris Schumaker, Forester BLM
Chris Sheridan, Forest Ecologist, BLM
Jane Smith, Plant Ecologist PNW Station